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From 1700 to 1800

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6fischeneu.JPG (31085 Byte)

row above early and row below end of 18th c.; six "dolfins"; blue; corner motif: ox-head; collected separately


probably Rotterdam, 1700 - 1770; three shepherd tiles and one landscape tile; central part blue in a circle surrounded by a square on purple powdered ground; powdered star-block corners, tile below right complemented with quarter rosette; the last one 1700 - 1730; collected separately

Tab_Schaefer_Geo_Web.JPG (50753 Byte)


TableauLandaufWelle0209_Web.JPG (82923 Byte)

since 1680 (partly early, partly mid to end of 18th c.); nine landscapes; blue; corner motif: spider

Makkum or Harlingen, 1720 - 1820 (mainly 2nd half of 18th c.); biblical tiles; 
purple and blue; corner motif: ox-head

Bibeltableau1780.JPG (40514 Byte)


TableauBibelfliesen_Nelkeneckm.JPG (42782 Byte)

Amsterdam, approx. 1730; four biblical tiles (one firing); blue; corner motif: carnation: the Golden Statue of Nebucadnezar; Petrus is healing Äneas; the Annunciation of the birth of John the Baptist to Zachary; the Pharisee and the toll collector


Rotterdam, mid-18th c.; four landscapes with hood diver, two ducks and wild goose; blue; 
corner motif: spider; collected separately 

Tableauenten1.JPG (17397 Byte)

TableauSchiffe18c_Web.JPG (111918 Byte)

province Holland, Delft or Rotterdam, 18th c.; four landscapes with ship; blue and purple; 
corner motif: spider; collected separately 


bibeltableauturm_0109_Web.JPG (176546 Byte)

2nd half 18th c. (3 tiles Amsterdam, approx. 1770); 
four biblical tiles; blue; corner motif: ox-head;
casting out of paradise; death of Absalom; tower of Babel; healing of the bleeding woman

TableauBibel2808_Web.JPG (145002 Byte)

Rotterdam, approx. 1770; four biblical tiles (one firing); purple; corner motif: ox-head: Moses is found by pharao’s daughter; Simson is tearing up a lion; David and Goliath; Adoration of the Golden Calf


2nd half 18th c.; 
four animals: deer, horse, squirrel, dog ("Springertjes"); blue; corner motif: spider;
13,0 x 13,0 x 0,9 cm

Tab_4Tiere_18c_0109_Web.JPG (48833 Byte)


tabstreuins_web.JPG (132107 Byte)

since 1720 (approx. 1780);
paneel small flowers, three motifs with insect; blue; without corner motif


mittelrosegr.jpg (32624 Byte)

approx. 1780; 
two panels roses;
left in blue and 
right in purple

mittelrosettemangan.jpg (21656 Byte)


sprenkeltableau.web.jpg (28078 Byte)

1700 - 1800; 
four ornamental tiles 
on powdered ground;


Tab_LS_Rosette_1750_Web400.JPG (148500 Byte)

Tab_LS_Akkolade_Web.JPG (146992 Byte)

Rotterdam, 1750 - 1770; four landscape tiles with riverside scenes;
in double curved octagon; blue; corner motif: quarter rosette; each tile approx. 13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm


Rotterdam, 1760 - 1850; four landscape tiles with riverside scenes, f.e. two men in fishingboat and angler in rowingboat; in accolade border with scrolls; blue; corner motif: quarter rosette; each tile approx. 13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm


Tab_Hirten_2H18c_Web.JPG (135193 Byte)

2nd half 18th c.; four shepherd scenes; in a small double circle; blue; corner motif: spider; approx. 13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm


probably Utrecht, since 1770 (early 19th c.); four landscape tiles, f.e. man in rowingboat, miller in front of a windmill, angler; in regence border; mangan; corner motif: bloom, 13,6 x 13,6 x 0,8 cm

  Tab_Regencerahmung_Web.JPG (55700 Byte)


  tableaurosettemangan_web.JPG (43160 Byte)

Makkum, 1780 - 1810; four landscape scenes; in double curved octagon; purple; corner motif: quarter rosette