From 1800 to 1900

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Tableauoplandscapes_0109_Web.JPG (54301 Byte)

1800 - 1850; four tiles with overall riverside and harbour scenes ("openluchtje"); blue;
13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm


tabpotjebildas2.JPG (36619 Byte)

since 1770 (1st half 19th c.); different flowervases in purple and blue; 
corner motif: fretwork

since 1800 
(2nd half of 19th c.);
flowerpots and vases; purple;
different motifs; corner motif: fretwork

Tableau Blompotjes, manganfarben. Heute noch weit verbreitete Fliesen


since 1780 (approx. 1860);
carnation rosette; purple

TableauNelkenstern_Web.JPG (152061 Byte) tableauEcktulpe_0109_Web.JPG (163381 Byte)

since 1800 (approx. 1850);


1800 - 1870 (approx. 1850); bent leafs; polychrome

tableaubuegelblaetter_0109_Web.JPG (76105 Byte)

tableaublumenstrauss.web.JPG (35639 Byte)

since 1820 (approx. 1900); Haarlem bouquet;
 polychrome; corner motif: triangle with jagged border


Tableau9tiere.JPG (72086 Byte)

partly mid-, partly late-19th c.; nine animals ("Springertjes"); blue; corner motif: spider


1850 - 1900;
nine small flowers, one with a bird; blue; without corner motif;
12,8 x 12,8 x 0,8 cm

tabstreuneu.JPG (243927 Byte)


TableauLandscapemang_0109_Web.JPG (73646 Byte)

1860 - 1900 (but left 2nd tile and right 1st tile probably even from the end of the 18th c.); landscapes in small double circle; left in purple and right in blue; corner motif: spider

Tableaublau19_0109_Web.JPG (60314 Byte)


1850 - 1920 (late 19th c.); triple flowers on a turf in jagged diamond with three dots at the corners; purple; corner motif: lily

Tab_blumezack_0109_Web.JPG (162463 Byte)


Tab_4Reiter_19c.JPG (50534 Byte)

Harlingen or Utrecht, since 1880 (approx. end of the 19th c.); four large horsemen, adapted from the horsemen of the period from 1700 to 1750; blue; corner motif: lily; each tile 13,1 x 13,1 x 0,8 cm


Tableaubibelsz_109_Web.JPG (178349 Byte)

1890 - 1920;
six biblical scenes; blue;
corner motif: ox-head: 

Josef is lifted up out of the pit by his brothers to be sold to the Ishmeelites; Elija is fed by ravens; 
Abraham is tempted to offer Isaac
Simon a Cyrenian is carrying the cross together with Jesus; 
Jephthah's homecoming; 
David cuts off the head of Goliath


Harlingen, 1890 - 1920; four biblical scenes; blue; corner motif: ox-head painted in straight lines: 

TableauBibel2608.JPG (37548 Byte)

Adam and Eve, Man's shameful fall;
the angel of God spoke to Jacob in a dream to return into the land of Canaan; 
Cain's offering; 
Judith sacks Holofernes head


also Harlingen (Van Hulst), 1890 - 1920 (approx. 1910); four biblical scenes; blue; corner motif: ox-head painted in straight lines; 13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm: Moses with the two tables of the Ten Commandments; Simson is tearing up a lion; Jonathan and David renew their covenant by oath; the healing of the paralyzed man from Betesda

Tab_bibelsz_1910_Web.JPG (57092 Byte)


Utrecht, end of the 19th c.; four
biblical scenes; polychrome; corner motif: ox-head; 13,0 x 13,0 x 0,7 cm

bibelpolytabende.JPG (37137 Byte)

Jesus asks Zacchäus to come down the tree;
resuscitation of the youth from Nain;
the worker in the vineyard; 
the calling of the first apostles

TableauLandsch_2808_Web.JPG (141804 Byte)

1870 - 1920;
four landscapes;
 blue; in octagon; corner motif: 
quarter rosette;
13,1 x 13,1 x 0,8 cm


Tableaulandschaft.JPG (40914 Byte)

Utrecht, 1880 - 1910; nine landscapes in a square with leaf border; blue;
13,0 x 13,0 x 0,8 cm


Harlingen, 1880 - 1930; four riparian landscapes, two with with sailing ship and two with buildings; in a square in half octagons; purple, green and yellow; 13,2 x 13,2 x 0,8 cm

Tab_LS_poly_1900_Web.JPG (128335 Byte)


TableauLandschaft1709_Web.JPG (152663 Byte)

1880 - 1930; four landscapes with buildings on the waterfront; central part blue in an octagon on purple powdered ground; corner motif: lily

1900 - 1930; four fruit dishes; 
in threefold circle;
blue; corner motif: fretwork

Fruchtschalen1900.JPG (41390 Byte)